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Welcome to Kintsugi Yoga with Katy - I’m based in York, UK and teach live studio classes here as well as interactive online Yoga through Zoom. If this is the beginning of your Yoga Journey then congratulations! If you’re continuing and improving your practice welcome also! Yoga has something for everyone - have an explore and find the flow that will best suit you! 



Monday 11.15am - Hatha Yoga

Tuesday 11.00am - Power Pump

Wednesday 10.00am Hatha Yoga

Thursday 10.00am - Barre 

Thursday 17.30 - Vinyasa Flow 

From Monday 18th May 2021

Monday 11.15am - Hatha Yoga

Monday 12.15pm - Barre

Thursday 16.30 - Power Pump

Thursday 17.30 - Vinyasa Flow 

On the last weekend of each month there will be a three to four hour Yoga workshop - a mini retreat at home! You can drop in to individual sessions within this workshop or stay for the entire duration! 

Upcoming is Saturday 29th May from 10.00 to 13.00. We will be starting with breath work, moving into some Hatha to mobilise the joints and spend some time perfecting your Asanas, before moving to the floor for some core strength work - then we will be finding some deep relaxation and release in a Yin section. From here we’ll re-energise with an uplifting Vinyasa flow , before following up with a generous Savasana. 

Individual classes pay as you go at £6, a weekly pass for £15 or a monthly pass for £30. 

Monthly workshop is included in monthly passes, or pay as you go at £15. 

Yoga at Home


Unlock Your Inner Calm

My own journey with Yoga began after a period of illness and major surgery - I fell completely in love with practice and made it my mission to share this passion with those wanting to begin or expand their own Yoga practice. I teach a variety of styles including Hatha, Vinyassa, Yin and Yoga Therapy, with free classes available on YouTube, live classes around the York area and using  Zoom for online yoga classes if you want the personalised approach to help with your asana from the comfort of your own home. Ready to find your flow? Contact me.  



Come Practice


Yin Yoga is beautiful complement to the more Yang practice you may be used to, a floor based class holding postures for longer to target the ligaments and fascia, helping release tension from the body and mind, developing your mobility and flexibility and relaxing entirely. Available with Cycle Beats at 19.30 on Wednesdays or contact me if you want to try an online yoga class on Zoom


Hatha is a traditional form of Yoga, a medium paced class, moving more quickly through Surya Namaskara to warm up then holding postures a little longer to develop strength and flexibility. A great place to start if you’re new to Yoga! Live classes at York Stadium Mondays at 19.15, Thursdays at 10.15,  Energise at 18.15 on Tuesdays, and Burnholme Sports Centre Wednesdays at 10.15. Online Hatha Yoga classes on Mondays at 11.15am - please get in touch to book online yoga! 


Vinyassa class is a flowing energetic class, focusing on movement with breath, helping to increase your endurance, strength and flexibility. A basic knowledge of Yoga is helpful (but not essential!) Join me Wednesdays at 11.45 at York Stadium or Online Yoga classes through Zoom on Thursdays at 17.30 - contact me for details! 


Yoga Therapy classes are currently only available as online Yoga on Zoom, depending on the individual this could be a one to one, or a very small group with similar needs. Please get in touch with details of your condition and requirements to see what I can offer you! 



Monday morning at 11.15 - Hatha Yoga

Monday morning at 12.15 - Barre

Thursday afternoon at 16.30 - Power Pump

Thursday evening at 17.30 - Vinyasa Flow

With a weekend workshop on the last weekend of every month alternating between Saturday and Sunday and morning and afternoon sessions, a 3 or 4 hour (drop in and out of the work as you prefer!) Yoga mini-retreat 

Prices post lockdown are £6 for an individual class, £15 for a weekly pass and £30 for a monthly pass. 

Workshops are available to book individually at £15

For more information about me or my classes, reach out.


“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down”

Jigar  Gor



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