Yin is a slower branch of the Yoga family. It’s almost exclusively floor work, lying or seated and holding postures for an extended period. Yin targets some of the deeper fascia, and allows you to develop your flexibility and mobility in a deeper way, in an entirely relaxing way. 
Wednesdays at 11.00am


Vinyasa is a faster paced style of Yoga; working with your breath you will have a series of postures to gracefully transition between and take plenty of Vinyasa’s (a flow of full of partial Sun Salutations). Although suitable for all levels, I would recommend having some experience of Yoga as there is less time spent in individual Asana to focus on alignment) Mondays at 17.30, Tuesdays at 17.30
Thursdays at 17.30
£6 per class pay as you go, £15 for a weekly pass to access all online classes and recordings or £30 for the month


Hatha is the traditional style of Yoga you are most likely to have come across before - there will be Sun Salutations, and a series of static Asanas, holding each for several breaths, focusing on alignment while you develop strength and flexibility. 
Mondays at 11.15am, Wednesdays at 10am
£6 a class pay as you go, £15 for a weekly pass to all online classes and recordings, or £30 for the month


The last weekend of every month there will be a three to four hour workshop to go a little deeper with your practice. This will include breath work, some Hatha, a Vinyasa Flow, some core strengthening work, some Yin and an extended Savasana. You can join in for the parts that appeal to you, or stay for the entire session! Upcoming dates include Saturday 30th January 10.00 to 13.00. Included as part of your monthly pass or £15 pay as you go.